Saturday, 22 March 2014


  • Dapat pointer 2.5 dengan lulus Pengajian Am dapat minta u! 
  • Cikgu-cikgu sangat sporting.
  • Cikgu selalu cakap Form 6 macam Master dah, so kira form 6 sangat hebat.
  • Nak Belajar senang, sebab tak ramai pelajar sangat. Cikgu boleh tumpu untuk kelemahan setiap pelajar.
  • Subjek tak banyak. Mungkin dalam 4 atau 5 subjek. So, Tak payah nak belajar banyak-banyak.
  • Ada PBS yang sangat membantu. Contoh : SEM 1, dapat B+. SEM 2, dapat A-, SEM 3, dapat A, PBS dapat A, ada peluang untuk dapat A.
  • Masuk U ambil ijazah terus, tak payah buat diploma.
  • Kalau habis Form 6 nk kerja, gaji mahal sikit dari SPM.

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STPM Definiton

The Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia (STPM, English: Malaysian Higher School Certificate) is a pre-university examination taken by students in Malaysia. It was formerly known as the Higher School Certificate (HSC). The HSC was the precursor to the GCE A Level in the UK, and is still the name of the pre-university examination in some states in Australia.
The STPM is set and run by the Malaysian Examinations Council since 1982, which also runs the Malaysian University English Test (MUET) since 1999, unlike UPSRPMR and SPM, which are all set and examined by the Malaysian Examinations Syndicate, both of whom, however, are under the Ministry of Education.
STPM is one of the two major pre-university systems for admission to Malaysian public universities. The other is a one-year matriculation programme conducted by the Ministry of Education. STPM is not the only qualification accepted besides the matriculation programme and Malaysian Higher Islamic Religious Certificate (STAM). Candidates technically may apply for admission to degree-level courses with a variety of pre-university examinations considered equivalent with STPM, including A-Level. All those applying for universities, however, must have taken the MUET.
STPM is internationally recognised by many universities, especially those within the Commonwealth of Nations as well as the United States and the Republic of Ireland. Most universities consider STPM results equivalent to GCE A-Levelresults. In reality, STPM is significantly more difficult than GCE A-Level, due to the wider coverage of the syllabus. STPM is believed to be one of the top three most difficult pre-university examinations in the world. Because of that, many Malaysian students preferred taking A-Level or other pre-university programmes rather than STPM. However, there are also some who believes that STPM can better prepare students for degree courses in universities due to its wider syllabus.
From year 2012 onwards, new modular system will replace the existing terminal system for Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia (STPM). Besides that, examination results under the new STPM assessment system will be monitored by a representative from Cambridge Assessment to maintain standards and quality